Bromic Heating

Customizable Solutions – Bromic outdoor heaters are recognized worldwide for their design and performance. Bromic heaters provide the ideal balance of performance, reliability, and beauty. Only Bromic offers gas, electric, AND freestanding heaters. Bromic offers solutions for any outdoor space including residential, commercial, and marine settings! (Shown Tungsten series)  To see all of our products, click here 


Sunstar Heating Products

Like the radiant warmth from the sun, radiant heat warms people and objects directly at floor level without first heating the surrounding air. Customers can dine and relax under the radiant warmth of the GLASS, and help you to maximize the use of your seating areas during those colder winter months.

The new GLASS radiant patio heater is our newest line of heaters. The SunStar GLASS radiant patio heater is ideal for outdoor or partially covered dining areas, bars, patios, verandas, smoking areas, vestibules and other outdoor areas. To view all of our products, click here


Hearth Product Controls

HPC Fire Inspired has been the foremost fire feature manufacturer for decades. That means we’ve had plenty of time to curate a catalog of safe and innovative products to help you perfect your outdoor living space.  HPC’s Aluminum Spun Bowls (shown) are designed to be a turnkey appliance. Offering a light weight design with a powder coated finish giving the appearance of concrete or walnut. Trust the brand that lights every time! To view all of our products, click here

Group of young friends hang out by a fireplace, preparing for grilling at the backyard. Barbecue in close company in nature

Fire Garden Outdoors

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE FIRE – This captivating collection of outdoor fire pits, fire pit burners, gas torches, and more feature the most alluring presentations of fire available and were crafted to provide the ultimate outdoor gathering space for any occasion. Allow Fire Garden’s mesmerizing flames to bring the magic to ‘The Great Outdoors’. To view all of our products, click here 

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